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Heat Exchanger Specification Sheet
Prepared By:        Job No.:     
Company By:         Ref. No.:    
Address:            Proposal No.:
Plant Address:      Date:   Rev. No.:   
Service of Units:   Item No.:    
Surf/unit(eff.)   ft2    Shells/unit   Surf/shell(eff.) ft2

Fluid allocation                                Shell Side                          Tube Side
Fluid Name                         
Fluid Quantity, Total          lb/h
Vapor (In/Out)                 lb/h
Liquid                         lb/h
Noncondensable                 lb/h
Operating Temperature (In/Out)    F
Dew/Bubble point                  F
Density (Vap/Liq)            lb/ft3
Viscosity point                  cp
Molecular wt, Vap                  
Molecular wt, NC                   
Specific Heat            BTU/(lb*F)
Thermal Conductivity   BTU/(ft*h*F)
Latent heat                  BTU/lb
Pressure                        psi
Velocity                       ft/s
Pressure drop, allow./calc.     psi
Fouling resist. (min)   ft2*h*F/BTU
Heat exchanged BTU/h   MTD corrected  F
Transfer rate, Service Dirty Clean BTU/(h*ft2*F)
         CONSTRUCTION OF ONE SHELL           Sketch
                             Shell Side        Tube Side
Design/Test Pressure  psi
Design Temperature      F
Number passes per shell  
Corrosion Allowance    in
Connections  Inlet     in
Size/rating  Outlet    in
Nominal      Intermediate
Tube No.: OD: Tks:in  Length:in Pitch:
Tube type:    Material: Tube Pattern:
Shell: ID: OD:in     Shell Cover:
Channel or Bonnet:               Channel Cover:
Tubesheet-stationary:       Tubesheet-floating:
Floating head cover:    Impingement protection:
Baffle-crossing: Type: Cut(%d): Spacing c/c:
Baffle-long: Seal type: Inlet:in
Supports-tube: U-bend: Type:
Bypass seal:     Tube-tubsheet joint:
Expansion joint:    Type:
RhoV2-Inlet nozzle: Bundle entrance: Bundle exit: lb/(ft*s2)
Gaskets - Shell side: Tube side:
Floating head:
Code requirements:   TEMA class:
Weight/Shell:   Filled with water:   Bundle: lb

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